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Facts you should know about the Mars Helicopter – Ingenuity

Is there life on Mars? Is there water on Mars? Can humans survive on Mars? These questions have haunted us with many others since we have le

Saikat Mazumder

PET Hydrolas, Finally a Good News for Managing Plastic Waste

Mother Earth has been polluted with tons and tons of plastic wastes, and we are struggling to find proper solutions to manage those wastes.

Pankaj Biswas

China to Use Facial Recognition, QR Codes, and Apps to Save People

Creating a global alarm, China has recorded over  75,000 coronavirus cases alone within two months. China has always been technologically ad

Chandrani Sarkar

Is There Water on Jupiter? Mystery Reveals with NASA’s Juno Spacecraft

Water is the basis of all life on earth. Since it is a significant part of the space research for astronomers. NASA and several other space

Chandrani Sarkar

Scientists Warn, Bumblebees are Facing Mass Extinction Due to Climate Change

Bumblebees, the world’s most important pollinators, are going extinct due to extreme temperatures. The latest study has revealed that the ma

Susmita Ray

Symptoms, Treatments and All You Must Know About the Deadly Coronavirus

Public health experts all over the world are concerned regarding the rapidly spreading pneumonia-like illness in the city of Wuhan, China. W

Susmita Ray

NASA Ready to test its “most powerful rocket in the world”

NASA is ready to test its most powerful rocket in south Mississippi. According to NASA, the New Orleans built Space Launch System (SLS) rock

Susmita Ray

Meet the Walking Sharks, New Species of Sharks Able to Walk

Sharks are considered as one of the fascinating animals roaming in the ocean. There are numerous types of sharks that are sailing in the wor

Susmita Ray

Groaning Voice of a 3000-year-old Egyptian Mummy Revealed

Have you ever heard what an ancient Egyptian mummy sounded? Probably not, but a group of scientists at the University of London have reconst

Susmita Ray