World of Invisibility Gets Possible with Quantum Stealth - Invisibility Cloak

The age of invisibility is not a dream anymore. Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corporation, the Canadian manufacturer of military camouflage uniforms, has come up with its latest invention Quantum Stealth “invisibility cloak.” The company focuses on various camouflage and stealth technologies, as well as solar panel inventions and holographic displays. To make this invisibility cloak, “Quantum Stealth Light Bending Material,” has been used that is working quite well. In an official video, Guy Cramer, President/CEO of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp., demonstrated his invention.

A patent-pending material, Quantum Stealth, renders the target completely invisible by bending light waves around the target. Besides making objects close to invisible to the naked eye, the material also conceals them from ultraviolet imagers. Quantum Stealth material has already demonstrated to some of the most elite special forces teams in the world. So here we will discuss the tricks and methods behind it and how it can be beneficial to the militaries and all over the world.

Trick Behind Quantum Stealth

The primary skill behind the Quantum Stealth material is, bending light. Cramer, in a lengthy and informative video, has described how the material works. The newly patented material makes invisible things by refracting incoming light with a sheet of lenticular lenses. The phenomenon of refraction or bending of light occurs when light passes at a particular angle from one medium to another with an equal density. As light passes from one medium to another, it gets bent because of the changing density between the two mediums.

Hyperstealth's quantum stealth material refracts light when it passes from air into a sheet of lenticular lenses. But just refracting the light, is not all because refraction can not make things invisible. If it would have been, people jumping in the pool would have disappeared. To create a "dead spot," a sheet of lenticular lenses is used here. "It bends light like a glass of water does when a spoon or straw inside it looks bent," Cramer described. When the light enters the lenticular lenses from the air, it refracts off from in opposite directions. It creates a dead spot in the middle of the two refracted rays of light, making the object invisible.

How It Can be Useful

For security reasons, he declined to discuss details about how it accomplishes the bending of light but gave some ideas on how it may be used.

  • Quantum Stealth can be helpful for a pilot. Suppose his aircraft crashed, and he is in enemy territory. Now, if his parachute is made of the Quantum Stealth material, he can throw it over top of him. It will make him undetectable from all visual sensors and human eyes.
  • It can be beneficial for soldiers in one of the most dangerous missions Close Quarters Combat inside structures. The enemy will now only be able to know someone is there on hearing a movement. The team will get more time to set targets.
  • The next generation of combat aircraft is undergoing trials. Whenever a spy satellite passed overhead, they had to be moved into hangers. Now, Quantum Stealth can make the aircraft undetectable from spy satellites anytime.
  • The military would love to be able to hide physical objects on the battlefield. Special Forces team can be decked out in Quantum Stealth and swim up to the beach without coming in sensors of the enemy. They need to wait till night.

Cramer said, "The manufactured versions should be very clear and quite detailed compared to the crude prototypes I currently have. I anticipate that the material will be ready for most applications within the next 12 months."

"We are in the process of working with manufacturers to tool up for these unique lenses," he explained.

"It won't be clothing yet due to the stand-off distance required. I would give that about an 80 percent probability at some point in the future," he continued. He further stated that it is paper-thin and inexpensive. It can hide a person, a vehicle, a ship, spacecraft and buildings. One piece of Quantum Stealth can work in any environment, in any season at any time of the day or night. There is no doubt, this "invisibility cloak" is a revolutionary invention that will be helpful in various sectors.