WhatsApp’s Call Waiting Feature Finally Available for Android Users

Android users will now enjoy the call-waiting support as WhatsApp starts to roll out of an update for its Android app. The feature is to alert the users when they receive a WhatsApp call when they are already in the middle of another WhatsApp call with someone else. The users were not given the option to accept or even see call they are getting while they are in the middle of another call. The call-waiting feature was earlier available only for iOS users, but now Android users can experience the functionality. It works exactly in the same way as the call-waiting feature of a smartphone works.

Users will now get an alert and can choose to either accept it by disconnecting the ongoing WhatsApp call or to decline the call. However, it is notable that this is not the same as putting a call on hold since two users can’t be on the same line at a time. Last month it became available for the iPhone app, and now the feature is available for both Android.

It is now available on Google Play Store. There is also mention the arrival of enhanced group privacy setting and the fingerprint unlock support for the app. WhatsApp is now available in version 2.19.352 of the stable Android app, as well as version 2.19.357 and version 2.19.358 of the beta app.

How It Will Work

While you are in a WhatsApp call, if another call comes, WhatsApp will show a green ‘End & Accept’ button alongside the ‘Decline’ button. If you choose to press the red ‘Decline’ button, you can carry on your ongoing call. Tapping on the ‘End & Accept’ button, will disconnect the ongoing call and connect to the other person. WhatsApp is not giving any call holding option like a regular call over a cellular network.

Besides call waiting, there will also be an updated group privacy feature that will allow the users to decide who can add them to a WhatsApp call. You have to follow the way: Account > Privacy > Groups in the settings menu. In October WhatsApp declared it would soon bring fingerprint lock feature for the app is also here. You can enable this feature by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock.

Source: Mashable