Top Features To Know About Aadhaar Card App Update

The UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has recently unveiled a new mobile app for Android and iOS users that enables all Aadhaar Cardholders to download their details on their mobile phones.

Aadhaar Card App includes all the details about the resident’s name, date of birth, Aadhaar number, address, gender, photograph, and biometric. UIDAI is suggesting to delete the previous versions of the app and install the new app that is available on Google Play Store with mobile numbers, which are registered in the database of UIDAI. It tweets, “Uninstall any previously installed versions of the #mAadhaar app from your mobile. Download and install the #NewmAadhaarApp.”

With the mAadhaar App, residents no longer need to carry the original card wherever they go as can directly use the app to avail of all services. There are a lot more things that you can experience with this new app, reported source. Let’s check it out-

  • Share Aadhaar Card Details Via QR Code

When the matter comes to sharing Aadhaar Card details with others, it is needed to be more careful. With the all-new mAadhaar App, you have an option to share your details via QR Code or Virtual ID generated for a short span. You can get the feature in ‘MyAadhaar’ option where you need to place your password to find the “Generate VID” or “Show QR Code

  • Lock or Temporarily Unlock Your Biometrics

In order to protect your privacy and avert people from getting hold of your Aadhaar details, you can use the biometric option of the app. To do this, all you need to do is just temporarily unlock or lock your biometrics via the ‘MyAadhaar’ option of the app.

  • Check Authentication History

In case your Aadhaar details have been illegally accessed, you can install the mAadhar App and open the ‘MyAadhaar’ option. Here, you will get an option to access your authentication history via a verification process. On the screen, you can put in dates that you want to access the authentication history along with other details.

  • Avail New Aadhaar Card Printed From App

In case your Aadhaar Card is misplaced, you can avail of a new one printed from the mAadhaar App. once you get registered on the new app, you will get an “Order Aadhaar Print” option that will assist you to get a new print of your existing Aadhaar Card. Then you need to put in all the needed Aadhaar details, make the payment, and wait for the card to arrive.

To get the new Aadhaar App link for your iOS device, click here - and for Android, click-