The Universe Is Conspiring To Kill Us Every Single Day

The Universe is always working in mysterious ways. It is continuously operational to make available the tools, the people, the resources, and the lessons one needs to become the person that we’re meant to be that is why it is very significant to pay attention to signs from the Universe. However, the Universe doesn’t always make these things visible or even easy.

Ahead of getting into this topic, we need to make a few things clear. Firstly, the Universe is not in love with us, and if it’s not clear to you at this point, it surely will by the end of the discussion. The Universe is always conspiring against us and wants to kill us every single day. It hates the way we behave, talks, laughs, or cry, and even our social media accounts. It might not be planning to get you the next day, but believe that you are on its list.

Here is the list of ways the Universe is plotting to kill us all-

Gamma-Ray Burst

Do you have any idea of a gamma-ray burst? They will eject as much energy in a few seconds that the Sun will come during its entire 10 billion year life span. The Gamma-Ray Burst is an extremely energetic explosion that has been spotted in distant galaxies, and also the brightest electromagnetic particle present in the Universe. If one enters our galaxy, our ozone layer would get destroyed and will leave us to deal with the harmful UV radiation, which will gradually rain down. However, nothing to fear as it often happens in the Universe. It takes place when a particularly colossal star collapses into a black hole, indicates a supernova explosion and ejects twin energy blaze in opposite directions.

Rouge Black Holes

The Universe comprises full of surprising facts, and sometimes it turns terrifying. A black hole is a region of space having intense gravitational filed that no matter or radiation can escape. Hence, it indicates that one can be crushed in a black abyss. Thousands of rogue black holes surround our galaxy. It takes place when two black holes rotate at different sizes or speeds, offering the newly-merged black hole a “set back” and sending them into a random direction at up to 2485-miles-per-second.

Asteroid Impact

It is the most discussed and normal way life could be ended on the Earth. After all, it has already happened earlier. A tiny thing would not end life on the Earth but has the potential to put an end to modern life. A medium one would have impacted the same to that of nuclear winter, killing everything - expect odds. A large one would turn the crust of Earth into magma, destroying everything.

In 2018, a prominent asteroid came closer to the Earth, and likely to come back around in 2023. Therefore, we are expecting that any time it might strike us. NASA informed that the most dangerous known asteroids do not pose much of a threat and there are only a few of them that exist.

Galactic Cannibalism

It happens when a smaller galaxy offers into the gravity of a bigger galaxy, slowly being pulled into it until it becomes a part of its mass. The included mass makes it eager for more galaxies, and the process continues. Our galaxy has been famous at doing this, to more worry is that Andromeda - the closest galaxy, which is double our size, has previous for sinking those closest to it. It is also sizing up too.


Nobody is interested in Mercury, and don’t even think about it, and that is the reason that it will kill us all one day. There is a theory that the orbit of a planet can extend, as computer simulations have shown that it happens over a while. Mercury is the one, this is expected to occur in our solar system, and it will disturb Venus - our sister planet - before it gets into us.

We are also familiar with the fact that Venus does not like us much, and there are high chances that the collision with it could alter the orbit of Mercury, even before sending it right for us. However, it has minimal chances, but there’s still a chance, and we need to be prepared for it.


It is the explosion of a dead star. And these dying stars are generally selfish and enjoy taking someone else out with them. It happens around every hundred years, but luckily they are not too close. Besides the fact, it could also spoil our ozone layer, like gamma-ray, and send the radiation emerging down on our heads all over again. It was expected that Betelgeuse in the Orion Constellation was about to explode in 2012 and kill us all. Luckily it didn’t, but that doesn’t indicate it is not going to somewhere shortly.