Tesla’s Massive New Update Includes Messaging Reading, Autopilot and More

Tesla has come up with a massive update to its software, including new voice commands, text message reading, and Autopilot visualizations. The CEO Elon Musk last week announced that Tesla is working on a “holiday update” with new video games, “Full Self-driving sneak preview” and “a few more things.” Now, after the latest release, it is likely to say people spending a lot of time in their cars will find it more interesting.

Tesla announced some “phone improvements,” in the release notes. Several users asked Tesla over the last few years to introduce the voice command, which the company was lacking as did not have Apple Carplay or Android Auto. However, the company finally adds the features, and now the users will be able to send message texts through Tesla’s voice command.

Tesla wrote in the notes:

You can now read and respond to text messages using your right scroll wheel button. When a new message is received press the right scroll wheel button to have your text message read out loud and press again to respond by speaking out loud. You will also be able to view messages as they come in via the ‘Cards’ section of the touchscreen.
To view messages that have been received while your phone is connected via Bluetooth, tap the Application Launcher > Call > Messages. You can read and reply to a message by tapping an entry in the Messages list. To enable this feature, tap the Bluetooth icon on the top of the display, and enable ‘Sync Messages.’ Once enabled you can also choose to play a chime whenever a new text message is received by enabling ‘Chime on New Message.’

The company also says that the customers now can see favorite phone contacts on their car’s phone app. By enabling the phone’s notification, one can text message reading to work. The company says it does not work with group texts.

Tesla also added new “Driving Visualization Improvements”:

The driving visualization can now display additional objects that include stop lights, stop signs and select road markings. The stop signs and stop light visualizations are not a substitute for an attentive driver and will not stop the car. To see those additional objects in your driving visualization, tap Controls > Autopilot > Full Self Driving Visualization Preview.