Soon You Will Be Able to Transfer Your Photos from Google Photos (and iCloud)

In 2018 Facebook has announced their participation in the Global Data Transfer Project. In the Data Transfer Project companies like Apple, Google, Facebook are working on various tools for their users to transfer their personal data such as Photos, Videos etc from one service provider to another.

Today, Facebook has announced an extended version of its Data Download tool, which will allow users to transfer their photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos. During the transfer users need to authenticate for both the services and then they will be able to transfer the photos, videos.

As of now, Facebook has confirmed only with Google Photos. Sorry Apple fanboys, you have to wait a bit longer for the tool to be available for iCloud. We are not sure whether the same will be available or not for Flickr and other services.

Starting today, the tool is rolled out in Ireland and it will be available worldwide by early 2020.