Samsung To Be Sole Supplier Of Y-OCTA OLED Display For 2020 Apple iPhones

Apple is likely to switch to Y-OCTA OLED display for the 2020 iPhone, which could improve touch sensitivity.

Currently, Samsung is the sole company capable of producing Y-OCTA OLED panels on a large scale.

According to news sources, the California-based tech giant has understood that Samsung Display will be the only capable supplier of 6.7 inches and 5.4 inches OLED panels for Apple’s forthcoming variants, paired with an on-cell touch panel. This line-up is known as Y-OCTA technology, which is supplied to Samsung for its own smartphones.

Specifically, the South Korean tech giant will supply on-cell touch flexible OLED panels.

It indicates that the Chinese Panel Producer BOE will not be a supplier to Apple of the OLED display for 2020 iPhones aside from LG and Samsung.

An official report reads, “While there is a high chance that BOE, which had drawn many interests, will suffer a sad defeat, South Korean display manufacturers will continue to enjoy being the sole OLED suppliers of Apple. This news confirms once again that South Korea is far ahead of China when it comes to mobile display.”

All three variants of 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches iPhones are set to be unveiled in 2020 and are likely to be designed with three distinct sizes of OLED Display. Whereas, Samsung OLED display has a touch function built-in.

A representative from the tech manufacturing unit was quoted saying, “Although Apple had been sticking with film touch method since its first iPhone, Samsung Display has succeeded in drawing a change from Apple by actively promoting Y-OCTA technology to Apple.”

He continued, “It is heard that Samsung Display also suggested shocking terms in order to obtain an order from Apple.”

In order to balance supply and demand, Apple has firmly elected LG Display to be a supplier of 6.1 inches display touch method-based OLED Panel.

In August, a media report claimed that the California-based tech giant was “aggressively testing” a flexible OLED display of BOE to reduce cost and their dependency.

BOE was founded in 1993 in Beijing. It is one of the largest display makers across the world, which supplies screens for TVs, Smartphones, and other electronic devices as well as home appliances.