Realme To Become An Independent Smartphone Brand, Splitting From Oppo

Realme, one of the most successful brands in India, operates independently from its parent company Oppo. However, it has recently come to know that the two company, sharing resources at the moment, may get separated soon.

According to Digitimes, Realme Taiwan's Chief Commercial Officer (COO), Chung Hsiang-Wei, the Realme is considering to become an independent brand. Realme has established its own R&D team, and also plans to form its own ecosystem and production line.

Chung Hsiang-Wei also claimed that Realme will continue to share resources with its parent company. This could make the brand more similar to OnePlus, that also holds share resources with Oppo. It was found just last year and within such a short time period, Oppo’s subsidiary Realme has become quite hit and has taken off in some countries.

It has enlisted its name in the top 10 of the most popular smartphone brands. In India, it is currently the fourth most popular brand. Hsiang-Wei further states that Realme is likely to build up its own ecosystem and production lines but did not mention whether the company will continue to share certain resources with Oppo, even after separation or not.

However, the development depends on Realme’s business continues to expand. It is more likely to say that Realme has taken the decision as it was recently ranked 7th in global shipments as well as being named the fastest-growing smartphone brand.

According to Chung, Realme and Oppo are not in direct competition though that should make the split easier. Oppo is transitioning to the premium segment with the new Reno series while Realme trying to produce tech-centric and fashion-centric phones.

He went on saying that the company plans to enter the wearable market and also to release truly-wireless earbuds. The company is also going to release its first 5G phone in the market within a couple of weeks.

The CCO has revealed an interesting fact that 60% of Oppo owners are female while Realme has 60%, male users. It indicates that Oppo and Realme do have different market opportunities and the smartphone companies are trying their best to serve as many potential customers as possible.