Realme Buds Air Review

Realme Buds Air is the most affordable AirPods Clone ever! The build quality and the sound quality is awesome, possibly you will find no difference with the Apple AirPods or Earpods. As of today, we received our version of Realme Buds Air from Flipkart. We paid ₹3,999 for the White version of the headphones and here is what we found interesting in this pair of Bluetooth Headphones.

  • Build Quality: Awesome, Feels good to use and hold.
  • Charging Case: Small and easy to carry. Prone to scratch, hence keep it safe and do not place it with the keys in your pocket.
  • Sound Quality: Awesome, Bass quality is good especially for the Dynamic Bass Boost Driver installed inside the headphones.
  • Mic Quality: Works well in a silent environment, not so well in a noisy area. Our suggestion is not to use it for taking calls during transit. Definitely, you will annoy the guy on the other side of the phone.
  • Touch Controls: Works well, it will take a few hours to get used to with this. Once you are familiar with the touch controls, there will be no issues.
  • Compatibility with iPhones: Works well, touch controls also works fine with iPhones. However, we tested these air buds with a MacBook Pro, it didn't perform well for videos. The lag was high and it wasn't usable for watching videos on a Mac but it performed well on iPhones and iPads. There was almost zero lag for videos.
  • Can You Use Just One Heaphone for Calling? - Yes, You can use one headphone for calling.
  • Does Both the Headphones Sound During Calls? - Yes.
Realme Buds Air

In our views, the Realme Buds Air performs well and serves the purpose. Definitely, you can go for buying these earbuds. This is possibly the best True Wireless Headphones that you can get at the price range of ₹4,000.