PUBG Mobile Soon to Get an Update with Drones Like Call Of Duty Mobile

PUBG Mobile received several updates with some new features, in the past few months. And now, a new leaked video suggests that PUBG Mobile is bringing drones to the famous battle royal game. It is quite similar to the Call Of Duty mobile. But there is a twist in the uses of drones as they will be used as a spying tool in PUBG rather than a mobile hunting machine. The players now can scout the area before making a move.

Indeed the addition of drone will create more interest among the PUBG lovers. However, it is not clear whether the drones will be mounted with weapons. Apart from that, it is also not clear what kind of range will these drones have, especially when it comes to bigger maps.

Since the updated version 0.16.0 has been launched, PUBG Mobile has introduced several other features including snowy terrain in Earngel, a TPP to FPP switch, and all-new mode, RageGear.

During the PMCO 2019 Finals in Malaysia, the General Manager of Global Publishing, Vincent Wang at Tencent Games confirmed that a new colour-blind is likely to get added to the game. Tencent Games being the publisher of both the games there may be a lot of common features. For example, the deathmatch mode that was already a famous feature of COD was introduced to PUBG Mobile. Similarly, several other features are quite common in both games.

So, what is your opinion about the new addition? Do you think the addition of drones will bring a new dynamic to your gaming experience? You can go and check the YouTube videos of the new drones in the Chinese version of the game.