MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Review - Is It Really One of the No. 1 Hosting Providers?

There are very few promising web hosting providers exists in India and Milesweb is one of them. Through their aggressive AdWords marketing definitely they are acquiring new customers at a very rapid rate but, are they really good enough to run your websites properly? Well, we have had one of our reseller hosting account with MilesWeb and here is why we stopped using their services.

Customer Support - The good and the Bad.

When you are just getting started with them, the response to your support request comes within minutes of sending an email however, the response time increases along with your account’s age. Apart from that, if you ask tough questions such as “Why am I getting overcharged?”, they might just ignore your emails. This is exactly what happened with our account.

Here is a screenshot of an email when our account’s age was about a week. The response came within 30 minutes.

Here is another screenshot when our account’s age was two months and the response came after 2 hours.

Server downtime issues.

Don’t get fooled by their 99.99% uptime guarantee. That's just rubbish because almost every day you will get at least 30 minutes of downtime. When you ask for “why”, the support will always come back with the same response that they were doing tweaks to the server for better performance, thus the downtime. It's ironic that they tweak the server every day and the downtime increases after each tweaking.

Dishonest Support Staffs

When you are managing servers for a long time, you know when things go wrong. Same happened with us, one day the server was down for too long that our customers started complaining again and again. We emailed support straightaway, there was no response during the downtime and once the server is up and running, they came back saying “We don’t see any issues at our end. Everything looks fine.”. Along with this, they never admitted that the server had issues and it was down.

Unfair Billing

Milesweb have very strange billing procedure and due to that, you may end up paying extra money. For example, we had our reseller account with the Reseller Plus plan, with a dedicated IP and backup services it was getting charged 2596₹ per month. Due to their frequent downtime we had already migrated few of our sites to Cloudways, hence we migrated to the Reseller Smart plan, which means the price should drop by at least 500₹, but the next invoice came with a price tag of 2453₹. We asked for an explanation a few times, the support just ignored the emails.

Apart from this incident, one time they sent an invoice of ₹531 for cPanel licensing, explaining cPanel has switched their pricing model, hence they need to charge per cPanel account basis. Well, the explanation was correct but the billing was made at the wrong time. Why, because:

  1. When they billed, cPanel has just announced the pricing change. It wasn’t effective at all. Means, they cheated every reseller.
  2. If the explanation was correct then they should have sent the same invoice for the next months, but they didn’t. Means, they realised that they are actually not getting charged, hence they didn’t charged us, which is good but what happened to the previous payment? No notifications or emails came about that.

At the end of August 2019, we decided to quit using their services and migrated to a VPS at a much lower cost than their Reseller Plus plan. We are sharing this information because we feel that no small business should lose clients by using Milesweb’s hosting services.


We do not recommend Milesweb at all for your business, especially if you are into website development and you are providing hosting to your clients, then Milesweb will definitely hamper your business.