Microsoft’s Brand New Xbox Series X Featured with a Bold Design

Microsoft has unveiled its next-generation gaming console – Xbox Series X. It was earlier introduced as “Project Scarlett”; it is the most powerful video gaming console that the company has ever developed.

Xbox Series X is equipped with a boxy look and designed like a tall speaker, which is unique. Hence, its design is unlike any other gaming console available in the market and will be a headache for those who like to place the gaming console under their TVs.

Microsoft has announced that this gaming console will support titles than can also be played on Xbox One and all old accessories will be compatible with this new one.

However, the company hasn’t yet introduced the key specification of the gaming console that it will be powered by a custom CPU-based on AMD’s Radeon RDNA and Zen 2 architecture. It will offer 8k videos with variable refresh rate, fast storage, and will be four-times more powerful than its own Xbox One X.

Microsoft has not yet retail the price of this gaming console and not started accepting pre-orders. Ahead of the holding season, Xbox Series X will start retailing along with Sony’s PlayStation 5 (yet to be announced). Both the gaming consoles will share few same features, specifications, and storage technologies.

In the age, when tech companies like Amazon and Google are offering cloud gaming services, which offers users to enjoy console-level games through subscription, it would be interesting to experience how both, Sony and Microsoft coupe up to these rising challenges.