Is it time to move on from WordPress?


It's been more than seven years we have been working with WordPress. WordPress used to be the favourite publishing tool for all bloggers and small news, media websites. Day by day WordPress is getting bombarded with unlimited features, options and functionalities. Which is a good thing, but is it a good thing for the Publishers, who are willing to use WordPress as just a publishing tool?

At Weborbit, we have a Multi-National media house client, who are running a few successful news websites supported by self-hosted WordPress. There are more than 10,000 articles & news on each of the websites. When you have such a load of contents, the only thing you are concerned then is the speed. There are many unnecessary tools and scripts, functions in WordPress which makes it very difficult to optimise WordPress to its core. Hence, we have been looking for some robust alternative. We have taken demo from many premium publishing tool providers such as Quintype and decided, we need something new, robust and scalable. Hence, from the past few months, we have started testing the comparatively new CMS, GHOST. And oh my! We are surprised by Speed and simplicity of Ghost. With the release of Ghost 3.0, they have introduced a new WordPress Importer, which makes our life simple to move sites from WordPress to Ghost.

Here are our reasons to choose Ghost over WordPress:

  • Ghost is Open Source, Free and most importantly, it is built on top of Node.JS. Which is more scalable, reliable and secure than PHP.
  • Ghost offers only Content Publishing, nothing else.
  • Ghost CMS websites loads fast, even on a cheap VPS.
  • It is secure, controlled from Command Line Interface, hence it is less likely to be hacked by some amateur.
  • Ghost handles SSL certificates by itself, hence you don't have to pay for the SSL or you don't have to install it manually.
  • Ghost comes with built in SEO features, so you don't have to worry about a third party plugins.

As you can see, those are the very basic features for a Blog or Publishing Suite, which WordPress definitely has but along with other features, WordPress is becoming too clumsy and complex to handle. Hence, we have decided to move on with Ghost for our Blog & News Related websites. What's your thoughts on this?