How to Ask Google Assistant to Delete Unwanted Conversations

We all know how handy Google Assistant is. The smart features of Google voice assistant offering voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control makes it most popular. But sometimes the Assistant might answer to a question you did not ask, or it might accidentally record a snipped of a conversation you didn’t want it to hear.

When you are signed in to your Google account, almost everything is recorded and stored by Google. So, it’s pretty much clear that you might not want Google to have recordings of your conversations as you aren’t asking for its help. Last year, Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft were captured using contractors to listen to voice recordings by their virtual assistants. Some of them were recorded accidentally including sensitive private information.

But, don’t worry as there is a simple command to order the voice assistant to delete the last thing you said to it. Just say, “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you,” and Google Assistant will delete the last message. According to a Google support page, you may also use several other phrases like -

  • Hey Google, delete today’s activity.”
  • “Hey Google, delete my last conversation.”
  • “Hey Google, delete this week’s activity.”

In case, if you want to delete all the recordings you have ever asked Google Assistant you can do that from the Google Assistant Activity dashboard. Otherwise, Google automatically deletes recordings after three or 18 months. To delete recordings from Amazon’s Alexa, you have to open the settings in the Alexa app and turn on “Enable Deletion by Voice,” and then say “Alexa, delete everything I said today.” You can also delete recordings individually, in batches, or set up automatic deletions using the Alexa app or on your Alexa Privacy page.