Here is How You Can Get a Free RO Water Purifier, Livpuresmart Review

India 🇮🇳  is really moving digital! I mean who thought of getting an RO Water Purifier for free? It may sound crazy but yes, this is true. Livpure and Heka, together they made the impossible. You may ask, well “I have to recharge the machine, how come it’s free?” Well, here is the fact:

A Standard RO + UV + UF Water Purifier from a reputed brand such as AquaGuard costs about ₹16,500. Yearly AMC costs you about ₹4,850 per year plus, ₹1,200 extra for the Iron Guards. Means, your final yearly cost is coming around ₹6,050 i.e., around ₹504 per month. If you are consuming about 300 litres of water every month, then you will have to pay ₹575/Month. Which is definitely a little bit higher than the AMC amount, but the catch is you don’t have to invest for the machine and certainly you have no costs towards the maintenance. Everything is taken care of by Livpure.

How to Book the RO Water Purifier?

Getting the Free Water Purifier is easy. First, you need to book and recharge for the first month via, once you do that, the system will create your order and you need to upload your ID Proof. After finishing the KYC procedure, Livpure dispatches your water purifier by local couriers. Within a day of receiving the product, a technician will call and visit your apartment to install the machine. In our case, the RO Water Purifier was installed within Four Hours of the delivery.

Livpure Plans

How the subscription system works?

The water purifier is no different than other companies except, it is fitted with a small IoT (Internet of Things) Device, integrated with a SIM card which communicates with the Livpure Server to check your subscription status, recharge value etc.

Inside One Livpure Smart RO Water Purifier

The water flow system is fitted with a small device, which measures how many litres of water has been purified and uploads the data to Livpure's system using the IoT device. Pretty simple and cool, right? 😎

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What is the TDS of Livpure Envy+ RO + UV + UF + Taste Enhancer Water Purifier?

After the water purifier was installed, the technician asked us not to use the first purified water. So we discharged it, and then started using it. From the second time onwards TDS is showing 34 on our TDS meter.

What About Livpure Support?

Getting technical support from Livpure is easy and so far our experience is good. Livepure has a strict 4 Hours Deadline for any kind of support tickets. I found their technicians very helpful and responsive.

To get support for your Livpure Waterpurifier, you can call 080 6191 4384.

Our Experience With Livpuresmart RO Water Purifier

It's been about a week we have been testing the water purifier and it's working normal. No hiccups and no stops. We will update this article if we find any issues with the Livpure RO Water Purifier.

Source of the Banner Image: Livpure Smart