Google Translate’s Interpreter Mode Coming with 44 Languages

Google is rolling out Interpreter Mode with ample of exciting features that will surely help all to translate their conversations. The Interpreter Mode was launched earlier this year to iOS and Android devices, aiming to allow Google Assistant to translate your conversations in real-time. Previously, it was only available on Google Home smart speakers and displays. Google has announced that it will work 44 languages, and you can give it command by saying, “Hey Google, help me speak Spanish” or “Hey Google, be my Thai translator.”

Until now, the real-time translation tool was only available on Google Nest Hub devices, which was hard to use while travelling in a foreign country or seeking directions. But now it will become quite easy because whatever language you need, you can get it with active Interpreter Mode by asking Google Assistant. Google will listen to foreign speech and read it out in your language. It will also help you while interacting with a partner by responding to you in another language. The Interpreter Mode is going to be most useful if you are travelling in non-English-speaking countries. Moreover, it can also read out the conversation in text bubbles allowing both parties to follow along.

Once you active the interpreter mode, the assistant will translate your speech and read it out loud. The assistant can offer up Smart Replies that can make your conversation faster, and you need not even speak. It successfully recognizes different kinds of dialects based on regional variations. The update has started rolling out. If you have Google Assistant and Google Translate, update it soon. If not, you can download both from the Apple App Store or Google Play. So there is no doubt that this new feature will help in an advanced way to interact with people all over the word breaking the barrier of different languages.