Google Search Introduces New “Watchlist” Feature to Add Movies and Shows

Google decides to make its Search results easier by adding a new “Watchlist” feature that lets you quickly bookmark movies and TV shows. We often find difficulty in keeping track of our watching, but the latest feature will allow users to mark particular movies or TV show as ‘Watched’ or ‘Watchlist.’ The feature has reportedly been rolled out and available via a Web browser and Google app for Android and iOS.

How does it work?

When you search for a TV show or a movie on your phone via any compatible channel, a knowledge panel appears on the top will now have buttons like ‘Watched it?’, and ‘Watchlist.’ Suppose a movie that you have already watched, then you have to tap the ‘watched it’ button, and it will automatically label it. A new “Watchlist” collection will be created featuring the cover art for the film or show. If the movie is newly released and still in theatres, there is a ‘Get tickets’ button. You can check the showtimes for the film.

It is notable, once you click on ‘watched it,’ it will turn green. The feature works for the images as well that you search on Google. The Watchlist collection is very useful as it will help you in watching all the movies and TV shows that are on your pending list. You can also share them as well. The latest card from the tech giant has been rolling out for the past few days. However, the functionality has been spotted in other markets but not available in India right now.