Google Map May Soon Launch Feature to Show Brightly Lit Streets

People have depended on Google Maps without any doubt to find their way around this big wide world. Throughout the years, we are using google maps for getting directions while driving and using public transport. From a simple navigation tool, it has grown to an app that can recommend anything you need in your city country or anywhere in the world.

Recently, it has introduced more features keeping in mind the safety of the people travelling on foot as well. There is another great news that Google is developing a function of Maps, dubbed “Lighting” to highlight brightly lit streets at night. A few times ago, the company introduced AR walking directions and detailed walking directions for people. According to XDA Developers, there are indications of a new Lighting layer in Google Maps. This layer will indicate which streets are brightly lit by street lights by showing a yellow highlight.

By the latest feature, it will show you which streets have good lighting, weak to no light. It will also provide you if there is no lighting info available. A few years ago, the company introduced SOS Alerts straight into Maps to make it safer for users to navigate away from trouble. In June, Google Maps came up with the “Stay Safer” feature in India that notified users if their drivers strayed away from the expected route.

However, there is not much information about the Lighting feature, and there are no screenshots of it. There is also a big question of how Google will gather information about street lighting conditions. It may collect user-submitted data just like it does for traffic incidents. We hope Google will be able to roll out this feature to as many countries as possible.