Google Likely To Unveil ‘Ambient Mode’ For Android’

You have likely heard whispers about Google’s upcoming Ambient Mode for Android. Google has first announced this new feature in September, which will help to turn Android devices into a smart display while it is charging. Now with a tweet, the company has confirmed that the new mode will be introduced soon, starting with a number of selected devices that run on Android 8.0 or later.

At the time, Google stated that Ambient Mode was coming to Lenovo Smart Tab M8 HD and Smart Tablets, along with Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2.

According to the source, it will also come to Nokia, Transsion, Sony, and Xiaomi phones, though its own Google Pixels are not on the list yet.

Google Assistant Product Manager Arvind Chandrababu said in the statement that “the ultimate goal for proactive Assistant is to help you get things done faster, anticipate your needs and accomplish your tasks as quickly and as easily as possible.”

He continued, “It’s fundamentally about moving from an app-based way of doing things to an intent-based way of doing things. Right now, users can do most things with their smartphones, but it requires quite a bit of mental bandwidth to figure out, hey, I need to accomplish this task, so let me backtrack and figure out all the steps that I need to do in order to get there.”

Those are highly-skilled goals. Now users can set an alarm with just a few clicks from the ambient screen, mark your forthcoming appointments, turn off the connected lights and can see slideshows of your images in the background. However, I personally don’t feel that any of those tasks consume a lot of mental backlogs in the first place, but Google claims that it has more bold experiences planned for the future.