Google Chrome to Notify if Your Password Gets Hacked

Featured with several password protection updates, Google rolls out Chrome Version 79. The much-anticipated update is that it will warn users when their password has been stolen as a part of a data breach.

Google has raised concern for reused passwords in a separate browser add-on or its password checking tool, but the search-engine giant is now directly dealing with it to issue warnings as users log in to sites on the web.

Google further stated that Chrome would make it a bit flexible to clean up compromised credentials of users as they reach them.

Besides password stolen warnings, the search engine giant is also updating its phishing protection with a real-time option. Google has also used a list of phishing websites that updated every half-an-hour. However, it detected that hackers had been quickly switching domains or hiding from getting crawled. This real-time protection should generate alerts for thirty percent more phishing cases.

Google announced to improve multiple profiles support in Google Chrome. If you are using multiple profiles in Chrome or sharing your PC with others, Google Chrome now offers an advance visual sign of what profile being used to guarantee passwords are being saved to the accurate profile. Google Chrome Version 79 rolls out today. Gradually, all of these updated featured will roll out in the coming weeks on desktop versions of the Google Browser.

Hence, if you are still not using a password manager, it is the correct time to start it right now.