Dairy Cows Wearing VR Headsets For Better Milk Production

It is not only humans who can seek benefits from VR (Virtual Reality). Moscow dairy farmers have bound modified VR headsets to cows to experience if it improves their mood, and of course, better production of milk. The project has subjected cattle to an artificial summer field with colors turned for their eyes, offered them noticeably more pleasant landscape than a plain, restrain farm. And yes, VR headsets were designed to the “structural features” of cow’s heads so that they could enjoy it fully.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Moscow Region, the cows were shown a summer field to determine if the grazing scene altered their moods and their quantity of production.

During the first test run of cows, it seems to have worked well, reduced their level of anxiety and boosted their overall mood. While it is yet not clear how well this will affects the volume or quality of their milk production. Hence, there are plans for a more “comprehensive” study to reply to that sort of question.

However, the emotional state of cows plays a key role in dairy production. A recent research report has stated that a soothing atmosphere can be effective in both the quantity or quality of its milk.

The research asks for a few more questions. Why not just put them in fields more often? How to deal with VR headsets’ battery life? And is there any risk of disturbing cows when you take off their headsets and show them the reality? In a single word, Virtual Reality is basically a solution to problems that have been created by humans. Besides, it could be an option for farms where summer fields are not available or where prevailing techniques, like piping in pleasant music might not be effective.