“Call of Duty: Mobile” Updated With Zombie Mode Now Available In India

‘Call of Duty: Mobile’  has released for users of iOS and Android back in October 2019, and now the game has a prime update. The popular online role-playing game by Tencent and Activision just introduced its Zombie Mobe and it has everything including Easter Eggs, Battle Passes, and Weapons.

The major update became available in India over the weekend on November 23, 2019, at 10:30 AM. Zombies are capturing the world just as vowed and the latest update was declared a few days ago in the coolest promo video:

Zombie Mode was highly expected by gamers, who dropped Fortnite and PUBG for the new entrant and now gamers can finally click on that grey option next to Battle Royale Modes and Multiplayer Frontline Matches. Activision has put up all the clear details of the game and its new updates.

‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Zombie Mode - Details

Zombie Mode revives the Shi No Numa Map, the Zombie Map from ‘Call of Duty: World War’. The game is based at the Rising Sun facility in Japan. For those gamers who have not played the map before, here is a quick plot breakdown for you. The facility is operated by Division 9 and Group 035, while it appears like an ordinary remote place, it ports a dark secret. It is in this marsh that players can go take out the undead.

  • This popular game can be played by a single or with three players.
  • Like most battle games, players generally starts with a knife or gun and will have to develop their horde from thereon.
  • Your in-game role will be live after taking damage only if you can avoid more damages within the next five seconds.
  • In this game, zombies will appear through windows and players will have to cover the windows for progress. It can be done automatically by players standing near the window.
  • Points are achieved for killing zombies as well as boarding windows
  • With the collected points, players can purchase weapons, unlock areas, purchase perk machines, and many more. The rewards get better with each qualifying rounds.

Steps To Download ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Zombie Mode

  • If you have already installed the game on your phone, the remaining will be automatically updates provided you are on WiFi connectivity and have ample storage space.
  • If you don’t get the Zombie Modi automatically, head to Play Store for Android and App Store or iOS and kindly check for an update option.
  • If you don’t have the game installed on your phone, you will easily find it on Play Store of App Store or iOS
  • The download might slow down this popular game a bit but most of the part, Zombie Modi is worth it

Activision has kept ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Zombie Modi classic by offering mobile gamers the same experience from Shi No Numa. Gamers also can play the map in survival and endless horde mode, Easter Eggs have been introduced as well. Quickly start playing on Zombie Mode once the game is updated.