Blinking Space Lights Could be Signs of Alien Life: Experts

What if mysterious flashing lights were the indications of extraterrestrial life? Recently, the astrophysicists have ruled it out in a new report that a number of unexplained flickering lights were observed for a long time. They revealed that it may be “interstellar communication lasers” that are used to send messages from one end of outer space to another.

According to the experts, the blinking lights may be derived from “natural, if somewhat extreme astrophysical sources.” They further added that the finding could change the study of astrophysics forever. In the recently published Astronomical Journal, the authors write in their report, “The implications of finding such objects extend from traditional astrophysics fields to the more exotic searches for evidence of technologically advanced civilizations.”

Different Explanations of Flashing Lights

Scientists believe stars die in two ways. They either slowly transform into white dwarfs or they die in a sudden explosion called a supernova. But some stars temporarily die without any bang, disappearing from the night sky and then appear again later. The newly published study says this mysterious phenomenon could have one of two explanations: we are either witnessing something new in astrophysics or seeing signs of alien activity.

There is also another theory that is called “failed supernova” or when a massive star implodes into a black hole, without any outward explosion. Another explanation of the strange lights maybe they are lasers meant for communication via extraterrestrial structures built by some advanced alien civilizations. However, none of the above-mentioned theories is proven with notable evidence.


The Vanishing and Appearing Sources during a Century of Observations (VASCO) project’s scientists published their first study in The Astronomical Journal. Researchers detailed here publicly accessible images, such as old military records, dating as far back as the 1950s. They carefully compared their studies with current surveys of the sky. During the hunt, they found hundreds of red objects that have blinked in and out of existence over the past 70 years.

Martin López Corredoira, the co-author of the study in a press release said that the VASCO team didn't found any direct evidence relating the lights to extraterrestrial intelligence.  “The implications of finding [vanishing and appearing sources] extend from traditional astrophysics fields to the more exotic searches for evidence of technologically advanced civilizations,” they wrote. Experts are giving their efforts continuously to discover evidence of life beyond of Earth and it may be sooner than you think.

Source: Futurism & NYPost