Scientists Warn, Bumblebees are Facing Mass Extinction Due to Climate Change

Bumblebees, the world’s most important pollinators, are going extinct due to extreme temperatures. The latest study has revealed that the ma

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Symptoms, Treatments and All You Must Know About the Deadly Coronavirus

Public health experts all over the world are concerned regarding the rapidly spreading pneumonia-like illness in the city of Wuhan, China. W

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NASA Ready to test its “most powerful rocket in the world”

NASA is ready to test its most powerful rocket in south Mississippi. According to NASA, the New Orleans built Space Launch System (SLS) rock

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Meet the Walking Sharks, New Species of Sharks Able to Walk

Sharks are considered as one of the fascinating animals roaming in the ocean. There are numerous types of sharks that are sailing in the wor

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Groaning Voice of a 3000-year-old Egyptian Mummy Revealed

Have you ever heard what an ancient Egyptian mummy sounded? Probably not, but a group of scientists at the University of London have reconst

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China Coronavirus Outbreak May have Spread to Human from Snakes

A new kind of virus called coronavirus is spreading in China over the weekend. The new coronavirus has killed 17 people and affected hundred

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Launches in India, Know the Price and Specs

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Lite finally gets launched in the Indian market after a few days of being launched in Las Vegas earlier this month. The

Samsung Galaxy S10
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Study Reveals ‘Snowball Earth’ may have Ended by the Oldest Asteroid

Earth has gone through many changes in its 4.5-billion-year history, and Snowball Earth is one of the stages. The dramatic episode appeared

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Elon Musk Targets to Send 1 Million People to Mars by 2050 Using 1000 Starships

Living on Mars is such a dream that has inspired scientists to continue to study the planet in great detail. NASA, ISRO, Roscosmos and sever

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