AT&T Launches Low-Band 5G Network in Ten Cities

AT&T is rolling out its real 5G network for the customers. The wireless giant announced last month that it is finally going to turn on 5G into five cities. Later the company doubled the list to ten including,  Indianapolis, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Birmingham, Alabama, Providence, Rhode Island, Rochester, New York, and San Jose, California. The company starts to sell the $1,300 Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G and flips the switch for all of its customers within coverage areas to start using the next-generation network.

To enable 5G, the customers have to buy AT&T’s Unlimited Extra or Unlimited Elite plans for $75 or $85 per month for a single line. However, customers need not to extra pay for the service. AT&T has launched three different brands for 5G.

  • 5G - It is actual 5G but using low-band 850 MHz spectrum technology.
  • 5G+ - It is a millimetre-wave based in high-band radio frequencies. It’s the fastest 5G launched by the company last year but only for selected businesses and developers.
  • 5GE- It is not the original 5G. It is just an upgraded form of LTE.

The latest launch is the first one, the low-banded 5G network that will act as the backbone of AT&T’s 5G coverage all over the country. Talking about speed, the 5G Plus network is the fastest producing impressive speed that has topped 1Gbps in our limited time with it. It has been almost one year, the mmWave 5G+ flavor of 5G has launched, and it is still in use in parts of 23 cities. However, the company is even introducing that high-band spectrum, instead promising that mmWave will come later.