Apple’s Security Bounty Program Offers $1 Million on Hacking an iPhone

We all know that Apple’s iOS operating system contains the most powerful security features. iPhone is more secure than Android, and when it comes to secure your data, there is only one smartphone choice, iPhone. The company has recently announced to pay up to $1 million to anyone who can find bugs and security vulnerabilities in its operating system. The amount of reward is considered the highest bug bounty offered by any tech company so far.

In August, the tech giant invited several security researchers to their "bug bounty program" to scrutinize the flaws in the iPhone security. But, now they have made it public offering USD 1 million for "a zero-click kernel code execution with persistence and kernel PAC bypass," and an additional $500,000 if "the issue is unknown to Apple and unique to designated developer betas and public betas."

Moreover, the company confirmed on Thursday that the new version also includes iPads, Apple desktops, and laptops, Apple Watches as well as Apple TVs. On Monday, Apple launched a Mac bug bounty. Apple’s head of security engineering Ivan Krstić made the announcements in Las Vegas at the Black Hat conference. He also gave a speech on iOS and macOS security.

The amount of the Bounty will depend on what proof hackers can provide against their claim. Those who will be successful in detecting a bug will have to submit a detailed description of the exploit. The monetary ‘prizes’ will be ranging from £25,000 (£19,200) to $1,000,000 (£768,900).

  • If you get to access over an unauthorized iCloud account, you can win between $25,000 and $100,000 depending on the amount of control over the account.
  • Physically accessing a device through bypassing the lock screen will give you a chance to bag $25,000, $50,000, or $100,000. It will also depend on the amount of the data you can access.
  • Finally, if you can extract data from the device, the amount will go up to $100,000 or $250,000.

According to Krstić, since the 2016 launch of the bug bounty, it has been a success to date with 50 serious bugs. The company wrote on its website, "The top payouts in each category are reserved for high-quality reports and are meant to reflect significant effort, and as such are applicable to issues that impact all or most Apple platforms, or that circumvent the full set of latest technology mitigations available."