Apple Likely to Update Sharper iPhone Photos

It was reported that the Cupertino-based tech giant has recently purchased a UK-based start-up, which could result in sharper and brighter iPhone photos. According to sources, Apple has overruled Spectral Edge Ltd., based on filings that stated that the tech giant is now in the control power of the startup. However, Apple has not yet confirmed the purchase.

This sudden move is considered as an object to improve the quality of photos that future versions of Apple iPhone will offer.

Spectral has developed a technology that takes infrared shots. It allegedly uses machine learning to enhance the clarity of images and color reproduction as well.

Spectral Edge Ltd uses a type of AI called machine learning to make smartphones pictures crisper, with more accurate color. Its technology takes an infrared shot and blends it with a standard photo to improve the image.

Eventually, the startup had also mentioned that its updated technology can be applied to both software and hardware, anticipating that it may be offered as a software update for existing or older versions in the future.

Hence, iPhone is no odd to click multiple shots and then merging them to create something new of it, and finally, improved. Apple’s recently unveiled iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are its strongest yet in terms of clicking photos and likely to make differentiator in the future.

Therefore, it is anticipated that the tech giant could integrate with Spectral’s updated technology can do into its AI for photos, though we would remain in uncertainty until Apple rolls out the new updates in its next version.