Apple Likely To Bring This Impressive MacBook Feature To iPad

Apple MacBook Pro is a laptop powerhouse and now it looks like the Cupertino-based technology giant is planning to bring one of its impressive features to its tablet lineup - Touch Bar.

According to a report, Apple has assured a “continuation patent” for a MacBook Pro like Touch Bar for iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard Folio. This indicates that soon, the company may introduce a new keyboard for iPad Pro that featured a MacBook Pro-like Touch Bar. Patently Apple’s report suggests that the company was going to unveil such a keyboard in 2016 when it was offered the patent titled “Apple Awarded a Patent for Next-Gen iPad Pro Cover with a Secondary Display for Drawing & More.” Now, with the expected development, it is possible that consumers may soon experience such a keyboard for iPad Pro.

Here is the revised patent of Apple stated:

“An electronic system, comprising: a first part that carries a display arranged to present multiple applications, the multiple applications including an application, wherein a selection of the application by a command directed to the display executes the application such that application data of the application is presented on the display; and a second part that is rotational coupled with the first-part, the second part comprising: a keyboard assembly, a touch-sensitive display positioned between the hinge assembly and the keyboard assembly, the touch-sensitive display capable of presenting an application toolbar comprising customized virtual keys specific to the application when the application data is presented on the display in response to the selection of the application by the command directed to the display, the touch-sensitive display further capable of presenting customized virtual keys specific to each application of the multiple applications, a receptor portion, and a connector located at the receptor portion.”

Here, what is listed as the second section that comprises a keyboard and “a touch-sensitive display positioned between the hinge assembly and the keyboard assembly” is what inciting to the Touch Bar similar to MacBook Pro for the iPad.

If the Cupertino-based technology giant does bring a Touch Bar on iPad Pro, it will certainly bridge the differences further in its two product categories.