Apple “Kills” Music Player App Rewound from App Store

A basic music player app Rewound released and surfaced on the App Store. The app could turn modern iPhones into an iPod-like experience. But last week Apple pulled the app from the App Store. According to Rewound blog post published on Medium, Apple pulled the app because it copied the iPod’s design, charged for Apple Music features, and users may mistake the app for an Apple product.

It would let users get the iPod Classic look and feel, complete with the click wheel at the bottom. The app was preferred by a lot of people who loved the iPod design for nostalgia. The blog makes the case that the app had a pretty basic interface that resembled like an Apple app, and the iPod classic skins did not come preinstalled.

The blog post showed how popular it had become all over the world. The app also used to offer skin creation that allowed the users to create their own music player flavour. As per Rewound blog, the iOS app can’t be updated without “breaking the app for all 170,000+ users”. However, developer Louis Anslow says he will try to bring back the app in another way.

“We launched an App that let you customize your iPhone to look like a 2000s era MP3 player. As Rewound grew exponentially across the world from Japan to China to Iran to Russia and the rest of mainland Europe, Apple KILLED it,” said Anslow.

Apple has denied the claims given by Anslow for the removal of Rewound. Apple says the app copied the iPod’s design that people could mistake it to be an Apple product and that it charged for Apple Music features.

Anslow launched a GoFundMe page in an attempt to bring back the app. Anslow says, he will “try some tweaks to get Rewound resubmitted” on the App Store. However, he is not sure whether any of these will ever work. Anslow says on the GoFoundMe page it “isn’t clear if Apple will ever allow Rewound back on the [App Store],” and states that “we are not promising fully finished versions” of any of the apps.