8 Simple Tips To Reduce Plastic Use

Are you still using plastic stuff in spite of knowing the fact that how harmful it is? If yes, then start reducing the plastic habit with simple and useful tips that will be beneficial not only for you but also for the environment.

There is no doubt that we have become addicted to single-use or disposable plastic that may be useful but creating severe environmental consequences. Study says, in every minute one million plastic drinking bottle is purchased while up to 5 trillion single-use plastic bags are used worldwide every year.

The oceans are gradually filling up with millions of tons of debris and most of it is plastic. You will get surprised knowing that fact, just 9% of plastics get recycled. Environmental experts are constantly calling for a reduction in plastic use as they affect the environment, animals, and even human bodies. So try to start with making little changes in your daily life and we can assure they are not difficult.

1. Use Reusable Bag And Bottle

It is always better to carry your own reusable bags to carry your vegetables and fruit. In this way, you will be able to avoid the available plastic packaged foods. You should also carry a reusable water bottle in your bag so that you need not buy single-use plastic water bottles.

2. Choose Plastic Materials Suitable For Recycle

If possible, always try to choose products in glass or cans. Plastic recycling is largely failing but you should still try to recycle your waste if possible in your community. Aluminium and glass cans are much more likely to be recycled.

3. Try To Eat In Restaurant Instead Of Parcel

We often pack our food from the restaurants when we are in a hurry which is given in plastic bags with plastic spoon and straw. So here our suggestion will be, try to eat in the restaurant instead of taking it to go. If you are taking it on go then let your server know in advance that you do not need a straw or spoon.

4. Choose Fresh Products, Avoid Plastic Wrapped Foods

Say no to packaged vegetables and fruits and tea that comes in plastic packets. Thus you will be able to choose more fresh produce and avoid plastic wrappers.

5. Use Soap Bars

Try to use bars of soap for shampoo and shaving to avoid bottles. Soap bars are available in the market wrapped in paper, try to use them. Reduce the use of plastic loofah.

6. Cook More

Making your food at home not only a healthier option but also reduces the involvement of plastic containers or doggy bags. When you ordering food tell the company you don’t need any plastic cutlery. You may also bring your own food-storage containers to restaurants for leftovers.

7. Shopping In Bulk

In most of the households, the majority of plastic waste is generated in the kitchen. So the best way to reduce the packaging waste is to stock up your grocery items in bulk. For that use your own bags and containers.

8. Make Your Food Storage Plastic Free

Think again about your food storage in the kitchen. Mostly we are using plastic baggies, plastic containers which are affecting our health especially kids. Why not use glass jars or containers made with stainless steel? Hope these tips were useful to you.