5 Ways to Save Your Privacy On an iPhone Running with iOS 13

Apple is not most transparent company to share how they handle your data, but it's sure that they are one of the best to take care of your Privacy and Data Seriously. With the release of iOS 13, they have changed quite a few things, hence, you need to turn off a few things to save your data to be used by Apple or any other third-party apps.

1. Disable iPhone Analytics

By default Apple keeps this options enabled so that they may receieve anonymous analytics of your iPhone, which they use for product improvements etc. But, why should you share how many hours you are playing PUBG, right? So, to disable the iPhone Analytics Sharing, Open the Settings Apps and navigate to Privacy. Then scroll all the way down to Analytics and Disable the option "Share iPhone and Watch Analytics". Once done, Disable the "Share iCloud Analytics" as well.

2. Turn off Any Unnecessary Location Services

With iOS 13, now you have full control over the Location Access of the installed apps. Just navigate to the Settings App and then click on "Location Services". Look for if there are any applications which is using your location "Always". If you find one, change it to your desired option. You can also turn off location access for unnecessary apps.

💡Tip: Turning off unnecessary location access will help you increase the battery life of your iPhone or iPad.

3. Turn off Unnecessary System Services Under Location Services

Continuing the Point #2, if you scroll down all the way to the bottom of your screen under Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services, you will find System Services. Click on that and keep these three options checked.

  1. Emergency Calls & SOS
  2. Find My iPhone
  3. Share My Location

Once done, move to Significant Locations, and Turn this settings OFF.

🍄 Fact: Apple basically tracks everywhere you go if you keep Significant Locations On. Normally Apple uses these locations to deliver appropriate contents to you, which is really creepy. So delete if you see any location history there and turn if off so that Apply may not track your movements.

Along with Significant Locations, Also Turn Off the Product Improvement options.

4. Check if any App is unnecessarily using your Microphone, Photos & Camera

There are many apps which may not need access to your Photos or Mic or Camera etc. Just do a routine check by navigating to Settings App, then click on Privacy. You will find serveral options there such as Photos, Microphone, Camera etc. Click on those individualy and check if any app is using any of those unnecessarily. If you find one, just turn if off.

5. Disable Third-Party Keyboard Full Access

Using a third-party keyboard can be scary. Apple doesn't uploads your typing patterns to iCloud but many third-party keyboards such as SwiftKey has the option to store your writing habit, personalised spellings on the cloud. What scary is, if they have full access they can track every single key you type. Using those some may steal your Credit Card information etc. Hence, navigate to Settings App, Click on General, then click on Keyboard and then tap on Keyboards. If you have any third-party keyboard installed, please click on that and disable the Full Access option.

💡Tip: It's not a good idea to use a third-party keyboard. Hence, our suggestion is that you delete any third-party keyboards that you may have installed on your iPhone.