3 Easy Steps to Reset Your WordPress Admin Password from phpMyAdmin

Loosing passwords is always stressful especially if that’s your website’s password. This article will help you recover the password if you have no control over the password reset functionality of WordPress. Before you jump into the article, here are the situations that you may recover using this guide.

  • Reset password email is not coming i.e, SMTP or phpmail is not working.
  • You don’t have access to the email address you have used for the admin account.
  • Your website is compromised or hacked.
  • You want to have some fun hacking your WordPress!

Prerequisites for resetting the WordPress admin password from phpMyAdmin

You are going to need access to your web host and phpMyAdmin. Usually, these are the same. For some web host especially in some cases for GoDaddy, the phpMyAdmin credential is different than that of the web hosting login credential. Besides that, you are obviously going to need a WordPress website! 😉

Step 1: Login to the phpMyAdmin and identify the database you are using with WordPress.

If you are unable to identify the database used with the WordPress installation, then simply open the WP-CONFIG.PHPfile from your WordPress installation directory and look for the code define( ‘DB_NAME’. There you will find the database name. Once you found that, come back to the phpMyAdmin and click on the database name from the left panel.

Step 2: Use an online MD5 converter to convert your password to WordPress’ acceptable format.

WordPress uses MD5 encryption to encrypt your passwords. Hence, to make the manually entered password readable by the WordPress system we need to paste that in MD5 format. Just use any online MD5 converter to convert your desired password to MD5 and copy the converted string. For this tutorial, I have used md5convert.com. Make sure you copy the password in lower case, I have seen the upper case MD5 strings won’t works with WordPress.

Example of Converted MD5 String

Step 3: Click the wp_users table and double click one the user_pass field for the target user.

Once you have converted and copied your desired password in MD5, paste that string into the user_pass field for the target user and press enter. Please delete the previous password string from the user_pass field.

Congratulations, you have successfully hacked your WordPress admin password from phpMyAdmin. You can now visit the WP-ADMIN URL of your website and use the new password along with your old username.